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Monday, April 24

New Party Game - Interaction

You’re with all your friends, you’ve got your family at your side but you need something to spice up the atmosphere. With kids in the mix and your own mother around it can be a little hard to find the right activity to suit everyone.

Rudy Games, an Austrian-based Game Studio, has recently launched the Kickstarter for a new interactive party board game, Interaction, that covers all ages… and all types. The sports-mad teen, the football-fanatic grandpa and the artistic aunty can find just the right degree of fun to challenge them through the game. The content is adjusted to suit each player’s age, interests and locations to make sure everyone is properly challenged.

With technology’s current level, this really should come as no surprise. The game is a party board game that has an app built in, which can learn and determine each player’s interests based on their previous answers to create the perfect game content. If the players choose, Interaction can also use their Facebook information to personalize the questions based on what pages they have liked and their recent activity. With other quiz-based games, once you’ve played them about ten times you can almost predict the questions. Yet, with Interaction, one of the best parts about the game is it  continuously provides new content available for regular download.

So when the party scene is failing, up to nine different players can get on board Interaction and play it out in categories based on knowledge, creativity, action, social and games.

They are running a Kickstarter now.  Find out more and get special perks here:

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Thursday, April 20

For Mother's Day I just want to color!

I've mentioned it before that I just really enjoy the adult coloring books. To me they are relaxing and a time of no expectations. I can be as creative as I want and it doesn't matter how it turns out in the end. Plus it seems like anytime I get out a coloring book my kids do the same thing. So you can just imagine how quite it becomes in my house.

Over the time that I've been coloring there are a few things I have learned along the way.

1. Cheap colored pencils are NOT GOOD. - I'm not saying they have to cost an arm and a leg, but with colored pencils many times you get what you pay for.

2. Test markers on a sheet of paper before you start coloring. - Again not all markers are created equal, some tend to come out too fast causing splotches of color on your page. And some bleed through the pages. Both of which again are NOT GOOD.

3. You can use out of the ordinary colors in your books. - In other words it doesn't matter what colors you use say to color a tree. This was a bit of a learning curve for me being a little on the OCD side. I have sense found though it's much more relaxing to just pick a color and go with it. Sometimes my pictures turn out really awesome..and other times not so much. But hey as long as I enjoyed the process along the way that's all that matters.

4. Pick a coloring book that fits your lifestyle. - If you plan to color on the go you don't want a big bulky book, you'll want one created for on the go that you can fit in your purse. However if you're planning to color in bed you'll want something a little more substantial so it doesn't bend on you. A good spiral book is perfect for this because you can fold it around giving you extra support. All in all pick something that appeals to you. Like for my daughter a color your own stickers book fits her well. It's also always good to look inside the book first to make sure the pictures are what you're interested in coloring.

So if you happen to be wondering - yes I do have a favorite when it comes to my colored pencils. I have found that the Prismacolor Premier® Soft Core Colored Pencils provide me with the color I like and don't tend to flake off or break easily with use. They have a thick, soft core made from light-resistant pigments, to ensure smooth, rich lay-down and color saturation giving you nice bold colors. I like them because I don't have to stop in the middle of coloring over and over to sharpen a broken pencil. I also like them because I don't have to press really hard for nice bold colors. Plus the come in an awesome tin so I have a place to store them so they don't get the tips broken off. (And I can slip them in my purse with a small coloring book.)

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